Storythings Podcast – Adam Curtis at The Story 2011

The Storythings Podcast is launching an irregular series of podcasts featuring talks, interviews and discussion with some of the best creative talent working across Film, TV, Theatre, Games, Art and beyond. The first podcast is a recording of renowned documentary film-maker Adam Curtis, talking at The Story conference in February 2011.

In this talk, Curtis discusses the difficulties of storytelling on the internet, issues a challenge to avoid the whimsy of the ‘circle of friends’ that seems to dominate contemporary media culture, and urges us to look beyond the surface of online culture to see the power structures that underpin it. Its a fascinating and challenging talk, exploring many of the themes that he develops in his new BBC 2 series All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace.

Play the Podcast (24.02)

Download the podcast here. Subscribe via itunes here.

The talk included two videos – one of a reporter for the BBC working in Afghanistan (not online, but the index of Curtis’ blog posts about Afghanistan are here), and one of a trailer for his work with Punchdrunk – It Felt Like A Kiss.

6 thoughts on “Storythings Podcast – Adam Curtis at The Story 2011

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  2. Thank you for uploading this! Back in February I spent several hours sifting through the internet hoping to find a recording of this talk. It is better late than never!

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