Storythings Podcast – Graham Linehan and Cory Doctorow at The Story 2011

The Storythings Podcast is an irregular series of podcasts featuring talks, interviews and discussion with some of the best creative talent working across Film, TV, Theatre, Games, Art and beyond. This second podcast is a recording of comedian and creator of Father Ted and The IT Crowd Graham Linehan and writer and blogger Cory Doctorow in conversation at The Story conference in February 2011.

In this conversation, Graham and Cory discuss how the internet has changed their writing practises, how it helps them structure and collaborate on stories, and also how they cope with its potential for endless distraction.

During the talk, Graham showed a picture that he used as inspiration for a scene in an episode of the next series of The IT Crowd. The picture is from the site Awkward Pet Photos and can be seen here.

Play the Podcast (25.07)

Download the podcast here. Subscribe via itunes here.

4 thoughts on “Storythings Podcast – Graham Linehan and Cory Doctorow at The Story 2011

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