There are a *lot* of story-related events around at the moment. I don’t know whether this is because agencies have decided storytelling is the new ‘thing’, or because the hype curves around transmedia and content strategy are aligning around the general subject of ‘story’. Or maybe its because a lot of really lovely, talented people are putting on events around something that they’re really, really passionate about. Yeah, its definitely that last one.

So, here is a list of the events I’ve noticed. Please add more in comments and I’ll edit the post to include them.

Immersive Writing Lab
Julian McRae’s two-day workshop about writing for immersive projects. I spoke at this one, and it was really good fun. I think he’s going to be planning some more soon.

London Storytelling Festival
A packed programme of events and workshops in Oct, with a closing gala evening with Mark Thomas and the brilliant Phil Kay.

Leila Johnston & Sara Williams have started this excellent series of events about storytelling and how we do it. I couldn’t make the first one due to an Epic Train Fail (one of the few problems with living on the coast) but I’ll make sure i’m at the next.

This looks like a very interesting Unconference about storytelling, held in the gorgeous surroundings of Ludlow on Oct 1st, and with a particular focus on local storytelling, whether this is journalism, publishing or government content.

In Vienna on the 29th Sept is StagConf, a one-day event about storytelling and games with a great line-up of speakers, including Alexis Kennedy from Failbetter/Varytale; Margaret Robertson from Hide And Seek, and James Wallis from Spaaace.

Mudlark’s brilliant one-day conference will return on 21 Oct at The Conway Hall with a stellar lineup, including Marcus Brown, Brendan Dawes, Chris O’Shea, Matthew Sheret and Anna Pickard. The Story conference borrowed heavily from Playful and Russell Davies‘ Interesting conference, not least by using the same venue, so this really is an annual must-see.

A one-day conference at Chapter in Cardiff about games and storytelling on Friday 30th Sept, with a great line-up of speakers, including Alice Taylor from Makielab, and Mark Stevenson, who spoke at The Story back in Feb

An evening Conference on 29th Sept on all things to do with broadcast and digital, organised by the lovely people at Mint Digital. I spoke at this last year, and it was great fun.

I think that’s all the events I’ve heard of. Here’s a couple more that are not only about story-related, but will be of interest to people who are (and I’m also speaking at them):

Media Guardian Edinburgh TV Festival
The TV industry’s annual beano in Edinburgh, with its usual mixture of top international speakers, sessions with commissioners and massively distended livers. I’m producing two sessions, including the FutureView keynote with Glenn Brown from Twitter, and speaking on a panel about Twitter with Graham Linehan and Andy Carvin that we’ll also repeat a few hours later at the Festival of Politics

Lets Get Real
This is a conference about how we evaluate online projects, particularly in the arts sector. Keynote speaker will be Tom Uglow from Google’s Creative Lab, and I’ll be there talking about how we measure attention.

Off The Wall Post
Not an event this, but a brilliant podcast from Dan Biddle, Kat Sommers and (allegedly) Barry Pillings about social media, broadcasting, digital technology and related trivia. I went in to be interviewed for the 12th edition, which was fantastic fun. They managed to edit it into something approaching coherence, which is no small feat as I speak incredibly quickly and barely pause for breath…

And finally, The Story conference, which I’m currently in the middle of organising. I’ve nearly finalised all speakers, and have the Conway Hall booked for Friday February 17th, 2012. Put the date in your diary – tickets will go on sale later in September.

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