We regularly talk at events in the UK and abroad about our work and our approach to telling stories. If you’d like us to speak at your event, please get in touch and we’ll get back to you asap.

September 2011
20 September
Lets Get Real
Talking about measuring attention at this conference about how we evaluate online projects

30 September
Talking about attention and storytelling at this one day conference about games and culture

August 2011

13 August
Off The Wall Post Podcast
Interviewed by Dan Biddle and Kay Sommers about attention, storytelling and two-screen TV

20-21 August
Immersive Writing Lab, London
Keynote talk about ‘The History of Attention’, and mentoring writers on workshop on second day

26-27 August
Media Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival
Producing FutureView keynote with Glenn Brown from Twitter, and talking on panel with Graham Linehan and Andy Carvin about Twitter

27 August
Edinburgh Festival of Politics
Repeat of MGEITF session about Twitter with Graham Linehan and Andy Carvin

June 2011

20-22 June
Games For Change, NYU, New York
Various sessions tbc

May 2011

20 May
Edelman Social Entertainment Podcast
Podcast with Richard Sambrook and Luke McKay

April 2011

21 April
London Book Fair, Earls Court, London
The Art of Immersion: How The Digital Generation Are Reinventing Storytelling
Panel session with Frank Rose and David Rowan

March 2011

29 March
D-Media Conference, BAFTA, London
Data, Networks and Audience – Who has the Power?
Chaired session with Ben Hammersley, Ray Maguire and Karl Schneider

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