On May 30th we kick off the first of a series of events called The Beginning, The Middle and The End.

We’ve long been fascinated with how people tell stories on different platforms, an in particular what it feels like to be running a project and talking to the audience whilst a project is live.

We’re particularly fascinated by what we learn in different stages of a project – what works when you’re starting a project and trying to build a team and an audience? What does it feel like to be in the middle of a project, dealing with issues that you couldn’t have predicted at the start? And how on earth do you elegantly end projects and bring them to a satisfying resolution?

The Beginning, The Middle and The End is an opportunity to hear war stories, tips and design patterns from some of the most creative and innovative projects around. It will have a simple format – one speaker talking about how they started a project, one reflecting on what it feels like to be in the middle of a project, and one talking about something they’ve just finished. Each talk will last about 20mins, and there will be beer.

Beginning: Alex Fleetwood from Hide and Seek talks about being at the beginning of the excellent Tiny Games project.

Middle: Russell Davies talks about what life’s like at GDS which is in the middle of rethinking how the public engage with the Government via its digital services.

End: Nigel Smith, Digital Editor at Radio 4, talks about the difficulty of closing The Archers messageboards earlier this year.

Join us from 6.30 at our office at 17 Hanbury Street. Tickets are £10 and limited to just 40 – you can buy them now on Eventbrite. The ticket price will cover the costs (drinks for everyone attending/sound system) with the rest split between charities chosen by the speakers.

Do join us…

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