Storythings can help you design, produce, deliver and evaluate story-related projects across a range of media. Our work is based on insight gained from over 15 years experience in digital content, and over a decade of working in Broadcasting. We can help you understand how audiences are curating, engaging and sharing content, and we can build a team and a working process to successfully deliver your project.

If you’d like to discuss hiring Storythings to work with you on your project, please get in touch via our contacts page.

The way we work at Storythings is based on four key insights about how audiences are consuming and sharing digital culture:

We live in an age of spiky digital attention
There are very few cultural experiences that don’t involve digital networks at some point. Even if the cultural event or product isn’t digital, we will have discovered, shared or engaged in some way with a stream of digital information – real-time search results, social media streams or our ever-expanding channels of rich media.

There are many new attention patterns
We organise our attention in many ways – schedules, recommendations, playlists, timelines and home screens. We switch between many different patterns – scheduled live events supported by social media; snacking mobile content on the move; bingeing on drama, games and other immersive content, or subscribing to services that send us reminders or alerts about the things we love.

We participate as well as consume

The old rule that 90% of people are passive online is no longer true. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest have closed the gap between consumption and participation, making it easy for us to share, curate, comment and create culture with our friends. We need to design for two people, not one – for relationships, not personas.

We are leaving trails of our history online
The web is no longer just about the present. As we share messages, photos and updates, we’re building a data trail about our lives and histories online. We can now tell stories not just about what is happening now, but where we’ve been, what we’ve shared, and what might happen in the future.


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