How we work


1. Content Strategy

If you need to better understand your audience, review and benchmark your current content strategy, or identify new areas for growth, we can help.

What this looks like:

  • Audience research, interviews and analysing audience behaviours
  • Analysing case studies of content formats from peer organisations and other sectors
  • Reviewing your existing content and how it delivers value to you and your audience

Clients that have chosen this include ETF, Luminate, Health Foundation, Trinity College, Tate, WaterAid.


2. Content Development

If you need help developing ideas for your content campaigns, or developing loyal audiences around your content formats, we can help.

What this looks like:

  • Deconstructing successful content ideas to make your content formats more effective – think of it as a customised, live version of our Formats Unpacked newsletter
  • Quickly and cheaply testing prototypes for new content formats
  • Testing new formats with your target audience

Clients that have chosen this include the Rockefeller Foundation, Turner Contemporary Museum, Northern Stage, Museum of the Home, Tyne and Wear Archives Museum.


3. Content Production

If you need help making content, planning a distribution strategy, or running an ongoing content project – whether it’s video, podcast series, editorial publication, animation, data story, report, illustration, or something else – we can help. 

What this looks like:

  • Developing, planning and producing content formats, from short-form content to long-running series
  • Building and managing production teams involving talent from around the world
  • Working with your team to scale the production of your in-house content formats
  • Building loyal audiences around your successful formats

Clients that have chosen this include ADP, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Experian, Google/Tom Scott, Pearson, Penguin, Nesta, PBS


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