The Storythings podcast is an irregular series of interviews, talks and discussions with some of the most influential creative talent working in TV, Film, Games, Theatre, Art and beyond.

Episode 1 – Adam Curtis talking at The Story 2011
In this talk, Curtis discusses the difficulties of storytelling on the internet, issues a challenge to avoid the whimsy of the ‘circle of friends’ that seems to dominate contemporary media culture, and urges us to look beyond the surface of online culture to see the power structures that underpin it. Its a fascinating and challenging talk, exploring many of the themes that he develops in his new BBC 2 series All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace.

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Episode 2 – Graham Linehan and Cory Doctorow in conversation at The Story 2011
In this conversation, Graham and Cory discuss how the internet has changed their writing practises, how it helps them structure and collaborate on stories, and also how they cope with its potential for endless distraction.

During the talk, Graham showed a picture that he used as inspiration for a scene in an episode of the next series of The IT Crowd. The picture is from the site Awkward Pet Photos and can be seen here.

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Episode 3 – Mary Hamilton at The Story 2011
Mary’s brilliant, funny and erudite talk discussed ZOMBIE, a LARP she runs, as a ‘story machine’. Covering playful narrative design, NERG guns as protagonist devices, and the balance between backstory and action, Mary’s talk is an incredibly insightful take on how storytelling emerges out of collaborative play. Most importantly, she discusses the term ‘frothing’ – the conversation players have after play – as a crucial element of interactive storytelling.

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Episode 4 – Tom Watson and Emily Bell at The Story 2012
The fourth Storythings Podcast features Tom Watson MP and Emily Bell, Professor of Journalism and Director of the Tow Center at Columbia University, New York. Tom Watson has been a key figure in the Hackgate scandal, and interviewed James and Rupert Murdoch as a member of the Commons Select Committe on Culture and Media. Before moving to Columbia University, Emily Bell was Head of Digital at The Guardian, where she covered the emerging Hackgate story as it happened. In this frank and candid discussion, Watson and Bell talk about their personal experience of the scandal and what it means for Politics and Journalism in the UK. Recorded at The Story conference on Friday, February 17th, 2012.

Tom Watson’s book about his experiences of the Hackgate scandal – Dial M for Murdoch
– is available to buy from April 19th.

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