Content Audit Workshop

Are you wondering…

  • if your content strategy is working?
  • how to distinguish yourself from your competitors and become a Sector Superstar?
  • how to optimise your content in the face of changing audience behaviours

We can help

Our content audits are grounded in your audience’s needs and their behaviours.

When we talk about your audience, we’re talking about more than just their demographics and the platforms they use. Instead, we care about understanding audience attention, developing your value propositions, and building your audience’s habits.

We’ll analyse what content works for your audience and provide a detailed overview of your current content: how it’s performing, why, as well as identifying gaps and improvements. We will help you understand what to save, erase, or revise.



Here’s the Storythings process

At Storythings, we’re obsessed with how audiences find, consume and share stories. We dive deep into media habits and trends. And we’re engaged with what makes stories compelling and effective. Because of this, your content audit will be informed by our expertise on audience attention and content formats.

We want to get to know your audience. We’ll draw on your knowledge, analyse your site’s key metrics, and assess your content’s quality against your audience’s needs, focusing on both qualitative and technical factors that impact their experience.

In and between three workshops, we will:

1. Benchmark content:

Analyse your existing content strategy and benchmark it against 2-3 peer organisations to identify where you can deepen engagement.

2. Identify content value propositions:

Build on the benchmark outcomes by identifying unique value propositions for content formats that meet your target audiences’ needs.

3. Analyse content workflows:

Look at your existing content teams, rhythms and workflows, and identify ways in which you can create effective, impactful, and sustainable content formats.


At the end of our work together, you will receive:

1. A report:

We will provide you with a report with insights into the current performance of your content strategy and suggest measurement frameworks for new formats.

2. A playbook:

We’ll deliver a format strategy playbook to help you put the insights into practice. You’ll receive actionable, realistic recommendations for how your team can strategically and sustainably create your newsletter, podcast, video series, print periodical, or other format.

Through the report and playbook, you’ll have:

  • More certainty on where to place your content production budgets.
  • Knowledge of the spaces your brand owns and where you have opportunities to grow.
  • A better understanding of who your audience is and what they want to see from your brand.

These are some of the clients we’ve helped

What they said


“Storythings helped us engage our audience and network through new storytelling vehicles, formats and branding approaches. They have been responsive, thoughtful and excellent to work with throughout. We are glad to have them alongside us in this work.”

– Kevin McAndrew, Director of Innovation, The Rockefeller Foundation


“The Storythings team exceeded all expectations. The research was insightful, they communicated clearly, incorporated feedback and defined a strong strategy and creative roadmap forward.”

– Leah Clapman, Executive Director, PBS Student Reporting Labs


“Storythings has a unique ability to break down the aspects of the modern-day attention challenge – and identify where an organisation’s opportunity for earning attention lies. They helped us reach a global audience of data for social impact advocates, by getting us closer to their needs.”

– Perry Hewitt, Chief Marketing & Product Officer,