Proper Fancy

When is it?

The last Thursday of every month.

What is it?

It’s like a team show and tell for people who don’t have a team.

Or even for people who work in a team but don’t do these kinda things.

What shall I bring?

Bring food, drinks and links.

Do I have to take part?

Feel free to show us something that has inspired you.

Or you can have camera and mic off and just have us on in the background – like a radio station for inspiration.

What sort of things can I show?

Anything that has given you creative belly tingles. For example:

Proper Fancy Illustration
Proper Fancy Animation
Proper Fancy Filmmaking
Proper Fancy Podcast Production
Proper Fancy Graphic Design
Proper Fancy Sound Design
Proper Fancy Journalism
Proper Fancy Infographics
Proper Fancy Report Design
Proper Fancy Business Stories

Or anything else.

Join us

Sign up to our Proper Fancy Eventbrite page by clicking on the link below: