ADP Rethink Quarterly


What’s the background?

ADP is a global provider of payroll and HR technology whose products are used by 80% of the Fortune 500. Their flagship annual B2B conference, ReThink, is an invite-only event for their biggest global clients and prospects. ADP has many marketing initiatives globally, but they were not creating the impact they wanted to among their target audience of global payroll, HR and finance executives.

What is the solution?

We started with a short audience research and behaviour phase to understand what their audience would find interesting and in what format. After multiple workshops with the client team, we came up with the idea for the ReThink Quarterly, an online editorial-style publication that positions ADP as a thought leader. We have produced this magazine quarterly since the first issue was released in March 2021. The Annual is a compilation of the Quarterly stories in a beautiful print edition, given to attendees of the ReThink event.

What was the impact?

The ReThink Quarterly puts a human face on the often overlooked topic of payroll, changing attitudes to payroll both inside and outside the sector. By telling the stories of how real people earn their money, and what they hope to do with it, we’ve helped payroll professionals see the impact their work has on employees, and share the stories with their peers. Via a partnership with the Global Payroll Association, the largest industry body in their sector, ADP reached an even wider audience in the sector. We are now working with regional ADP sales teams to package up ReThink Quarterly content to help add value for ADP’s clients in their regions.