People and Ideas of Bellagio

Ben Hecht is the Principal and Founder of Reclaiming the Dream LLC. His book “Reclaiming the American Dream’ was released following his residency at Bellagio. Ben spoke to us about the ideas and collaborations that happened during his residency. 


Rikin Gandhi from Digital Greens and Selcuk Ozgediz of the CGIAR reflect on a conversation that they had at a convening that took place late last year about the value of data and technology for smallhold farmers.   

The Library

New books that have been written by authors who are former residents are constantly added to our library. Have a look at the full list of books and find out more about the most recent releases.  

After Bellagio

Author, poet, novelist and professor of literature, Mayra Santos Febres tells us about the impact of a cross-cultural collaboration following her residency at Bellagio.


When someone stays at the Bellagio we ask them to write a postcard to their future selves. We post it to them six months later as a reminder of the ideas they got excited by and the collaborations they participated in. Have a look through some of the postcards.