How can the range of content collected during research for a government-funded report on climate technologies be showcased in an interesting way?

IMC Worldwide/DFID/Brink/CleanTech Group – Climate Tech

The approach

Engage a science writer to translate the bullet-point-heavy report into a long-form editorial essay. Intersperse this with different types of content sourced from research interviews (audio interviews, images, quotes, YouTube videos) and tie them together with brilliant artwork.

One smart thing

A lot of organisations sit on a treasure trove of information that often gets lost in hard-to-parse presentations. To bring the interviews that went into creating the report to life, we created a site where we integrated multiple asset forms to give colour and depth to the research. We also made an important decision to work with a science journalist who was used to simplifying complicated scientific terms for wider audiences.

The result

For the client, this was a departure from the usual ways of using their research. The site also enabled DFID to showcase the content of the report to a large number of internal stakeholders across their global offices, as well as external audiences.