Top 10 Frontier Technologies for Climate Action

DT Global

What’s the background?

One of the programmes run by the UK’s Department for International Development (now Foreign & Commonwealth Development Office) is Frontier Technology Livestreaming, where they fund technologies that have the potential to affect the lives of people around the world. As part of this project, DfID commissioned research by Cleantech Group from September to November 2019, looking specifically at the technologies with the greatest potential to create change in an international development context.

What did we do?

We were commissioned by Brink, who run the Frontier Technology Livestreaming project, to convert the results of CleanTech Group’s research into easily readable, more accessible audiovisual form. Working with a journalist and our design team, we created a long scrollable essay about the chosen clean technologies that incorporated audio snippets from interviews and graphic design, as well as embedding existing YouTube videos from some of the technology companies involved.