How does a credit reporting company enter the global discussion about identity and financial inclusion in a meaningful way?

Identities of the World – Experian

The approach

Give voice to the people facing barriers to accessing credit. Different countries and cultures put people at the lowest rungs of the ladder in unique and difficult situations – showcase their predicaments using documentary film, photography and editorial journalism.

One smart thing

We used local filmmaking and journalistic talent in countries like India, Brazil and Colombia to find the stories that needed to be told. In Colombia and Brazil, we partnered with the UNHCR to tell some of these stories, which gave them an even wider audience.

The result

Over 10 million engagements across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We wanted to position our brand as being a true voice for consumers and be at the heart of what are the real problems faced by everyday people relating to identity. Storythings helped us by providing emotional storytelling from the position of the individual, each unique and otherwise without a voice and provide a platform for their stories to be heard, globally. The results were increased positive brand metrics and in excess of 10m engagements.

Ben Rowley, Head of Global Marketing, Experian

The trailer to the Identities of the World video series.
Watch Rubén’s story to learn how financial exclusion impacts aspiring entrepreneurs.
Short animated film illustrating three authentic stories of financial inclusion in India.