How do you get a 160 year old education publisher on the radar of young female tech graduates?

Nevertheless Diversity Brand – Pearson

The approach

Build a platform for less-heard voices to engage in conversations about the challenges they face today and in the future. Nevertheless as a platform had a podcast at the heart, but through hosting live events, producing resources for teachers and parents, and offering a space for people to tell their own stories Nevertheless connected with new audiences in remarkable ways. By offering all our content free to use under a Creative Commons Licence the audio found its way into third party apps, and the artwork appeared on the walls of schools, museums and bedrooms all around the world.

One smart thing

Over 1 million posters download, a platform for less-heard voices developed, and a huge increase in engagement with the target audience.

The result

By focusing the publication on less heard stories and voices in innovation (instead of white men in Silicon Valley) we built a network of over 50,000 subscribers and over 4 million story reads.


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