Q Visits Innovation


What’s the background?

Q is a community of thousands of people across the UK and Ireland, collaborating to improve the safety and quality of health and care. They run regular sessions for their members (from across the NHS), called Visits, to different organisations across the UK to learn about and get a different perspective on important topics from organisations inside and beyond the health and care sector, and to help members take that learning back to their own area of work.

What did we do?

Storythings worked with the Q team on understanding the value of the offering before the pandemic, researching and benchmarking similar existing programmes across the world since hybrid working became more common, and proposed alternative forms of the Visits that could cater to a wider audience both online and offline. We also prototyped and ran two such visits for the Q team, in partnership with Public Digital and the National Innovation Centre Ageing, and our full recommendations included learnings from those sessions.