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Experts at using stories to solve problems

What we do

We use stories to solve problems

We use our experience and expertise to help some of the world’s biggest organisations find insights, communicate ideas and build audiences using stories as tools.
We've used stories to discover the DNA of organisations.
We've used stories to show how innovation is changing our world.
We've used stories to inspire the creative industries to think differently.
We've used stories to help broadcasters commission better multi-platform TV.
We've used stories to create a backstory for a film character.

These are some of the people we have worked with...



6 ways Storythings can help you

In our experience no two problems are ever exactly the same. So solutions vary depending on your needs. But to make things easy we've created 6 products that may help you decide how best we may help you.

Story Insights

How do we tell stories now?

What is it? A one day workshop that looks at trends and insights on how stories are being told today, with plenty of case studies, tips & take-aways.

Story Evaluation

How can we make our stories more effective?

What is it? A bespoke project to analyse and evaluate how your stories are performing, providing analysis and recommendations of ways to improve them.

Story Design

How can we design stories that build loyal, returning audiences?

What is it? Bespoke workshops to design story formats across digital and traditional platforms, working with your teams to focus the goals and outcomes for your story products.

Story Production

How can we design and build story projects across traditional and digital platforms?

What is it? Design and Production of stories across mobile, digital, physical, audio/video & live events with launch, audience development and measurement strategies.

Story Running

How can we run story projects that build and respond to audiences in real time?

What is it? Working with your teams to manage your story project after launch to build a loyal audience.


How can we solve unique problems using stories?

What is it? We use stories in a many ways to understand problems and find solutions. We can create a custom approach to work to achieving your goals.

Who we are

3 things you should know about us

1. We Use Stories as Tools: 

Stories are great communication tools. They help you make sense of complex ideas. They can guide you through tough challenges. And they can inspire change by placing you in the shoes of heroic characters. But they can also be used as tools of discovery – a way to uncover the future of an industry or gain insight about your organisation, audience or customers.


2. We Have Expertise and Experience: 

Our experience and expertise comes from spending over twenty years helping with some of the world’s most respected organisations understand and adapt to the new digital landscape.


3. We Work Across Sectors: 

Storythings works across all sectors bringing valuable learnings from each into all our work.


Expertise and Experience


Use Stories as Tools


Work Across Sectors


Diverse projects with stories at their heart

We've learned that no two projects are ever the same. Through working closely with our clients and talent we produce unique solutions with stories at their heart. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you. Below you will find samples of the work we do...

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