What we do

1. Audience Strategy

Do you struggle to understand constantly changing audience behaviours, and what strategies you need to reach them?

How we can help:

  • Bespoke research to help you understand your audience and how they organise their attention
  • Bespoke evaluation of your existing content and format strategies, and how you can make them more effective
  • Audience strategy playbooks – more than just a strategy report, we use our decades of experience in the media to give you practical next steps and actions.

Clients that have chosen this include PBS Student Reporting Labs, ETF, Luminate, Health Foundation, Tate, Science Gallery London, WaterAid.


2. Content Format Development

Do you want to develop and test content formats that give you a direct relationship with your audience (eg newsletters, podcasts, publications, or video series)?

How can we help:

  • ‘Formats Unpacked’ workshops to help you understand why existing content formats work and develop new content formats for you
  • Making a pilot to test a new content format with your audience
  • Format playbooks that give you detailed and practical information on how to start, test and grow your content formats
  • In-house training programmes to teach your comms teams how to develop, produce and measure effective content formats

Clients that have chosen this include BBC Sounds, ADP, Rockefeller Foundation, Experian, Penguin Random House, Science Museum, UK Parliament.


3. Content Format Production

Do you need help developing and running an existing or new content format, and growing loyal audiences around them?

How we can help:

  • Developing, planning and producing content formats, from short-form content to long-running series
  • Building and managing production teams involving talent from around the world
  • Working with your team to scale the production of your in-house content formats
  • Building loyal audiences around your successful formats

Clients that have chosen this include ADP, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Experian, Google/Tom Scott, Pearson, Penguin, Nesta, PBS